Scholarship Fund
The J Edward Mallorey Post #449 American Legion Scholarship Fund is financed from the proceeds of the
Meat Raffles that are held on the second Saturday of the month immediately following Club 17,
excluding the months of May and June. There are two separate $500.00 awards given out each year, one for the Fall semester & one for the Winter semester.  Scholorships are available for Veterans, Veterans Spouse, children or grandchildren.  Eligibility of applicant and recipient of the scholorship will be decided by St. Clair County Communtity College Financial Assistance and Services Office and Veteran Office.  Applications for the scholorships may be obtained from the college.
Beginnings of the American Legion Post #449 Scholarship Fund

In April 2008, a committee was formed to discuss starting a Scholarship Fund. It was suggested that the best possible way to raise money for this scholarship fund was by holding a Meat Raffle after Club 17, since that was a time of maximum participation by the membership. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided by the committee to move forward with the Scholarship Fund.

**The committee members were:
·         Rick Semrow, 1st Vice Commander
·         Eric Sagloine, 2nd Vice Commander
·         Dave Turnbull, Finance Officer
·         Lennie Brooks, Adjutant
·         Andrea Semrow
·         Kay Fournier
·         Kelly Turnbull

·         Jonnie Brooks


 Rules are as follows:

1.    Money will be raised by the committee by holding meat raffles, no money will be from Legion operations.

2.    A separate account has been created at Genisys Credit Union under the name of J Edward Mallorey Post 449 American Legion Scholarship Fund. Members on the account are Committee President – Rick Semrow, Committee and Post Finance Officer – Rick LePine, American Legion Finance Officer.

3.    SC4 will receive an amount of $1000.00 ($500.00 per semester for the Fall & Winter), to be distributed to the selected individual by the way of credit only, either towards tuition or by school book store account. No student will be given any cash.

4.    Scholarship recipient will be a Honorable Discharged Veteran, spouse of an Honorable Discharged Veteran, or a child of a Honorable Discharged Veteran. Proof of Honorable Discharged Veteran is required. 

5.    Selected individual will provide the committee with a short BIO of eligibility. SC4 committee with Veterans Department of the college will select the student.


**As of Jan. 2014 the Committee consists of:

     Rick Semrow, Commander       
     Jim Vokes, SGT at Arms
     Andrea Semrow
     Kay Fournier, AUX President

** As of June 2017 The Committee Consist of:

     Rick Semrow, Commander
     Andrea Semrow, Adjutant
     Jim Vokes, SGT at Arms